Cruise ships and yachts

The luxury of a yacht or a cruise ship can not 'the style of furniture and its complements. Six Italy produces furniture to order even for large vessels with the same care that devotes most environments' children.

Restaurants and Bars

Six Italy produces furniture for bars and restaurants attentive to image: thanks to the wide variety 'of combinations of skin color and modern materials like steel, and' possible locations "issues" and perfect matchings.



Comfort 'of a long chaise or chair Six Futura Italy can make it even more' pleasant stay in a hotel, whether it's a business trip or a holiday. Italy proposes six managers of the hotel furniture components rooms and public areas.



The authority of the skin combined with the solidity 'of steel products are Italy Six additions for the office. By Atlas ergonomic chairs and sofa with Penelope Philosophy, Italy Six range covers all needs for office furniture.